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    Various Artists
    Planet Chant

    Long before recorded music, before even the most primitive instruments, man created music using only his voice. Chanting is the world's oldest and most spiritual form of music, and nearly universal in all cultures. On Planet Chant, Triloka Records brings together some of the world's most acclaimed voices in many of the world's diverse singing traditions, from South Africa's Ladysmith Black Mambazo to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to the Angelite (The Bulgarian Voices).

    The label's new chant series is an outgrowth of the life work of Krishna Das. The "Chant Master of American Yoga" has taken it as his personal goal to break down the wall between traditional Eastern spiritual chanting and Western popular music. He succeeds beautifully with an album that is both deeply spiritual and totally appealing to contemporary Western ears. Listeners will most likely be familiar with at least a few of the artists on this album, whose cuts are, as might be expected, excellent. It is the lesser-known artists, however, who really make this CD interesting.

    "Fervent Supplication," composed by Sergei Rachmaninov and performed by the Russian State Symphony, is as majestically beautiful as it is haunting. It captures the a cappella singing of the Russian Orthodox Church during the 11th century. Byzantine-inspired chants were revived in the late-19th century and reinterpreted by contemporary composers.

    "Offering Chant" by Tibetan Lama Gyurme and keyboardist Jean-Philippe Rykiel is a radiant meeting of east and west. It represents an offering of spirit to the Buddha and to all awakened beings. "Polarum Regina" was rescued from the 14th-century manuscript Llibre Vermell De Montserrat. This so-called "Red Book" contains 10 musical works, historically sung as devotional pieces to the Virgin Mary. Here, the piece is performed by Saraband, gifted interpreters of early music.

    Although the musical traditions on this CD are disparate, they share a common spiritual goal creating a peaceful, rich, and reverent mood.

    Adrienne E. Gusoff
    CDNOW Contributing Writer

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