Hone Your Rapier Wit!

Want to take gold in Olympic Verbal Volleyball? Can you honestly say that some of your best friends are homophones? Isn't it time to stop pun-ishing others with lame word play? Are you a fan of a well-turned phrase? Do you wish you could pop out bon mots faster than the Dugger Family pops out babies? Metaphorically speaking, are you like a simile?

My on-line Humor Writing class is now LIVE on Skillshare! This is a fun class both for learning how to add more yucks to your social media posts, business interactions, and writing OR if you're merely looking for a captive audience for your already polished wit.

If you've never heard of Skillshare, it's like Netflix for classes! For a small monthly fee (about 8 bucks) can take as many on-line video classes as you want. Teachers (like me) offer pre-taped lessons, offering instruction in a variety of specific skills something you can learn in just a couple of hours (i.e., how to work with layers in Photoshop or how to make your own paper or how to write a press release.) If you are already a member, please check out my class! If you're not a member yet, check it out with a free trial.