Greeting Card Consulting

After much demand, I am now offering
on-line classes, webinars and private consultations
for greeting card designers and those interested
in getting into this creative field


A bit about me: I'm an award-winning 30+ year veteran of the stationery industry. I started in this business with my on line back in 1983. This was the dawn of "alternative" cards (i.e. not Hallmark or American Greetings) so I've grown and developed with this industry, watching it change and morph over the decades.

Over the years, I have licensed my work (cards, notes, buttons, mugs, etc) to most major independent publishers such as Recycled Paper Greetings, Papyrus, Smart Alex, American Postcard, Nobleworks, I am also a freelance writer/editor for Avanti Press. (see partial portfolio HERE)

I've been teaching Greeting Card Design and Marketing at Parsons/The New School University since 1998.

After so many years in this biz, I have a finely tuned, well-honed understanding of what makes a great greeting card.

And no, the best/funniest design doesn't always win. An idea may be hilarious or beautifully drawn but not be sellable. Yet a basic graphic with a simple message may hit the sweet spot with consumers, and fly off the racks.

It's my job is to help you find that sweet spot!

To that end, I offer a a variety of courses and consultations for those who are entering, thinking of entering, or already in the stationery industry


If I had known all this when I was first starting out, I would have saved myself literally thousands of dollars, hours of wasted time and a lot of head-banging and grief!



Personalized One-on-One Consult
(to hone your line before publication or submission)

  • a portfolio review of up to 24 greeting cards. Within one week of receipt, I will give you very specific written notes and suggestions for each design.
  • A copy of the same guidelines, handouts and resources which I provide to my university students
  • My book, listing the US publishers who buy freelance work, what they are looking for and how to submit (also available for purchase independently - see payment form to order)



Above, plus TWO one-hour video chats to be scheduled at our mutual convenience to discuss tweaks/improvements to each card as well as an overview of the industry with some ideas about how to proceed.


(additional one-hour video chats available. $50 when purchased with the evaluation. $100 when purchased separately. Please see payment form below)


I also work as an agent, representing my clients' work to the greeting card industry. I work in various ways: on a commission basis and/or on a collaborative basis. Please note, however, that I do not review portfolios with an eye towards representation, without the client first going through the above review process.



Once I have your info and payment, I will send you an email instructing you where/how to send your portfolio. (see payment form below)


Two-Hour Webinar

Have you been considering developing your own line of greeting cards, perhaps marketing them yourself, but have no idea where to begin?

This friendly, interactive webinar will give you an overview of the state of the industry, recent (big!) changes, shifts in marketing, new trends, market demographics, production options, and of course valuable information about what makes cards sellable.
(may run slightly longer to accommodate additional questions)

$75 for one person
$49 each for two partners booking together

Please email me to be notified of the next webinar.
(I promise not to hassle you with junk emails!!!)


6-Week On-Line Course
(via Skype)

This class is designed for those who either already have their own lines -- finished or in development -- or are ready to bring their cards into production.

Each Skype session/discussion runs a minimum of 90 minutes, possibly longer, depending upon the needs/questions of the group.

Each course is limited to 4 students
(or sets of business partners)
to allow for maximum attention
to everyone's needs.

This interactive course covers such topics as:

      • creating/tweaking cards for maximum sendability
        (understanding what makes best-selling cards)

      • trends
        (how to spot them in both the greetings industry and in general, so you can incorporate those ideas into your cards; how to get ahead of trends so you are a leader and not a follower.)
      • finding inspiration and channeling creativity
        (i.e. how to create an "idea tree")
      • current state and history of the ever-changing industry
        (and how to use those changes to your best advantage)
      • creative marketing techniques
        (ideas for getting your line more play and PR)
      • production and manufacture
        (i.e. how to minimize your efforts while maximizing profits)
      • costing/sourcing/pricing
        (ways to get your costs down/profits up)
      • distribution
        (i.e. finding reps, getting placement)
      • intellectual property issues
        (how to protect your work; what can and cannot be protected)
      • critique of your cards
        (depending on number of students, 3-4 cards per week)

Please email me to be notified of next class
(I promise not to hassle you with junk emails!!!)


My Greeting Card Bible

This book, developed over decades, is invaluable for anyone starting out in the card biz, thinking about going in to the card biz, or in the midst of developing a card line. This handy PDF file includes all the handouts I've prepared for my university students over the years, including technical specs, the results of multiple group brainstorming sessions, and a listing of the US (and some UK) publishers who buy freelance designs for cards, what they are looking for and how to submit.

$9.99 for PDF


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By paying for these services you acknowledge that you are purchasing a portfolio review, educational services, and professional advice; and that no promises or guarantees are made that your work will be sellable or that it will be purchased by any card company.

Please note, no refunds are offered for missed classes, webinars or video conferences. Pre-purchased video conference(s) must be taken within SIX months of purchase.