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Special Projects

Funny Imprints

Adrienne's Random Quotes Page


Wacky/Funny Website Stuff
(Bubby Gram)

Dirty Yiddish Slang
(a book)

Lucky in Love
(a book)



The Art of Epiphany




"Top Ten" Roundups

Bowling Alleys

Miniature Golf Courses

Billiard Halls

Profiles of Interesting

Erik Weihenmayer
(Blind Mountain Climber)

Richard Bangs

Burt Rubin

Music Reviews

Hechizo de Babylonia

Planet Chant

Istanbul Oriental Ensemble
scroll down to read review

Ghazal in Concert

World Music Institute
Anniversary Concert

Huun Huur Tu
(Throat Singers of Tuva)

Karmen Gei
(film review)


The Vibrator Museum

Wacky Wendy Brackman
(Paper Sculptress)

Mock Rock Indoor
Climbing Wall



Musician Interviews

Kayhan Kalhor

Thomas Mapfumo

Omar Faruk Tekbilek

Sheila Chandra/
Susheela Raman

Restaurant Reviews

Khyber Pass
(Afghani Restaurant, NYC)


Very Funny Puzzle Project

This jigsaw puzzle was designed to look, when completed, like a Sunday newspaper spread out on a table. I was hired to concieve and write all the copy.

Entire Puzzle

page 1

page 2

page 3

page 4

page 5

page 6


Amazing Kids

John Wagner Holtz
(Founder of Komen Kids)

Andrew Burns
(Founder of
The First Children's Bank)

Advice Columns

Gallery Magazine 1

Gallery Magazine 2

Gallery Magazine 3

Gallery Magazine 4

Gallery Magazine 5

Gallery Magazine 6

Art of Epiphany
(advice and articles)

Ask a Babe Archives
(from Mojo10.com)

Date To Win
(advice and articles)


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